The photos below provide a brief history of the Reeves family and their early accomplishments.
*Photos courtesy of The Republic

Reeves Motocycle 1898 Reeves Motocycle
Reeves Octoauto The Reeves Octoauto, which utilized eight tires to smooth out rides on largely unpaved roads and highways, was taken for a test ride in Bartholomew County around 1910.
1907 Worth w/ Reeves Engine 1907 Worth automobile with a Reeves engine.
1906 Chicago Trade Show Reeves Pulley Company display at a 1906 Chicago trade show.
M.O. Reeves M.O. Reeves was the inventor of the Octoauto and Sextoauto.
Reeves Thresher Early Reeves Thresher that was also known as a Double Cylinder and Compound Road Engine.